Education Reform Now Advocacy Committee

Education Reform Now Advocacy Committee is a 501(c)(4) related to Education Reform Now.  You can find their three most recent 990 tax forms on the New York Charities Bureau website. Older 990 forms are available through the Foundation Center.

ERN Advocacy Committee first appeared in Washington, DC in 2005 [PDF]. They recorded $57,500 in revenue and $52,204 in expenses. Amy Wilkins was listed as the President and earned $14,456 in compensation, plus an additional $2,422 in contributions to an employee benefit plan or deferred compensation. Whitney Tilson was listed as the treasurer and Kevin Chavous was listed as the secretary. A total of $24,372 was spent on “political expenditures”. Below is a description of their exempt purpose:

Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 2 44 56 PM

In 2006 [PDF], the committee reported $184,500 in total revenue and $184,736 in total expenses. Wilkins received $64,481 for her work as President, and an additional $2,071 in contributions to an employee benefit plan or deferred compensation. Tilson and Chavous were listed as treasurer and secretary, respectively. Joe Williams is listed as the Executive Director. Below is a description of their exempt purpose:

Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 2 43 37 PM

The 2006 form also outlines the connection between DFER, Education Reform Now, and Education Reform Now Advocacy Committee:

The 2006 form also notes:

But the committee didn’t dissolve – it’s still around.

The 2007 990 tax form for the committee is available through the New York Charities Bureau. The committee recorded $57,772 in total revenue and $49,067 in total expenses. Wilkins, Tilson, and Chavous left the committee and were replaced by three directors: Joe Williams, Ken Hirsh, and John Garguilo [sic - correctly spelling is Gargiulo]. Williams was also listed as executive director and received $25,015 for his work. Below is a description of their exempt purpose, which is slightly different than earlier statements:

Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 2 50 46 PM

The 2008 990 tax form for the committee is available through the New York Charities Bureau. The committee recorded $117,645 in total revenue and $94,691 in total expenditures. Williams and Garguilo [sic] remained on the board, but Hirsh was no longer listed as a director. Williams was also listed as executive director and received $8,169 in compensation. Below is a description of their exempt purpose, which is slightly different than earlier statements:

Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 2 55 34 PM

The New York Charities Bureau website also contains a review report (required for charities receiving between $100,001 and $250,000) from an independent auditor that explains how funds are used. The review is attached to the 990 tax form. Below is a snippet of the committee’s expenditures:Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 2 58 07 PM

The review report also includes information about related parties and expenses/reimbursements:

Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 3 00 04 PM

The 2009 990 tax form for the committee is available through the New York Charities Bureau. The committee recorded $117,645 in total revenue and $94,691 in total expenditures. Williams and Garguilo [sic] remained on the board. Joseph Cohen also joined the board. Williams was also listed as executive director and received $10,335 in compensation. Below is a description of their exempt purpose, which is slightly different than earlier statements:

Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 3 07 58 PM

The New York Charities Bureau website also contains a review report (required for charities receiving between $100,001 and $250,000) from an independent auditor that explains how funds are used. The review is attached to the 990 tax form. Below is a snippet of the committee’s expenditures:

Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 3 12 01 PM

The review report also includes information about related parties and expenses/reimbursements:

Screen shot 2011 03 03 at 3 14 12 PM


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50 Responses to “Education Reform Now Advocacy Committee”
  1. Roc Monster says:

    They are carpet bombing the Chicagoland area with anti-union commercials one day after Walker won his Koch brothers financed recall election win in Wisconsin.

  2. Jen says:

    Shame on you! Maybe you should put the money you are using to bad mouth the union into helping reduce class size or increasing support services. Shame on you!

  3. Ann Onymous says:

    They are now running TV ads against the Chicago Teachers Union strike.

  4. Rob says:

    Seems that no one is willing to address the real problem… Poor Parenting. Total lack of Parental Supervision and support.

  5. m. dubach says:

    The ads being aired in Chicago are uninformed and misleading. They should keep their politicking out of situations they don’t understand.

  6. L. C. Taylor says:

    How can you pay for an ad that the Chicago Tribune broadcasts that because of the Chicago Teachers Union striking, “Kids are the losers.”? Teachers in the city are fighting for better working conditions. Which means better learning conditions. Too many of the kids are sitting in classrooms with no air conditioning, where classroom temperature reach 98 degrees in the summer. Where kids are sitting in classrooms where floor tiles are coming up from the floor that are old and filled with asbestos. Not to mention the peeling paint, old boilers, and leaking roofs. Maybe you should really look into why the teachers are striking! It’s not about the money, it’s about a better education for the kids!

  7. Chicago Teacher says:

    That’s only the 1/2 of it. There is no equity in the public schools. Finally, teachers are standing up and telling what is really going on in the schools. The inner city schools are filled with students who part of a bigger societal problem which we are being blamed for. Let someone come and walk in our shoes for awhile and see the real issues the students and the teachers deal with on a daily basis. I know how hard- working most teachers are. Furthermore, we’ll still be in the trenches fighting for our students long after the media and the money move on to the next hot topic.

  8. TV Propaganda viewer..... says:

    How much are these ads costing? Everytime I change the channel, there they are! Not for profit? Me thinks not! Hope you have time to come into a CPS classroom one day to see how “easy” you say they have it.

  9. Dyann Berndt says:

    Illinois Democrats are very pro-charter schools. The State of Illinois owes Illinois schools millions of dollars, yet the Dems promote charter schools, which will take more money away from the public schools that are already running on shoestring budgets. This group is no better than the Koch Brothers. The really frightening part is that nobody does their homework, so nobody knows what this agency is. The name sounds good, so folks assume it is. Notice how many comments have been left here. That’s probably close to the sum total of folks who investigated this group. Sad…

  10. Fernando Benavides says:

    Teachers work hard every day and underpaid, overworked, and unappreciated. Illinois democrats ought to spend more time, money and efforts looking to see where all the lotto money that is supposed to supply education instead of raising taxes.

  11. Vanessa Jordan says:

    I believe the goal behind the ads is to destroy public education. I wonder who is really behind these false advertisements. I think corporate america, who wants to take over education for economic gains. If you really cared for the students, you would advertise that the teachers are striking for a better education for all children.

  12. Kathleen Madden says:

    As a CPS teacher, I think I can speak for the majority of us — we would much rather be in the classroom than out on the street picketing, but we are fighting not only for a fair contract with better resources so that we can continue to provide a quality education for our students, but for the larger issues at stake here — the future of public education and the preservation and expansion of the middle class in our nation.

    For me, the major issue is that we teachers do not want to be compelled to teach our students nothing more than how to do well on standardized tests. If everyone would simply think back to one or more of the inspiring teachers they had in their elementary or high school years, then perhaps folks would begin again to understand what creates a successful young adult and a productive young citizen. That transformation from child to confident and productive adult begins with the parents and is enhanced by the teacher, who facilitates, through imaginative instructional practices and activities, that child to understand, think critically, problem solve, and become immersed in a concept or subject and then be inspired to learn more, set future goals and discover the steps to accomplish them.

  13. Mary Kegebein says:

    Who are the contributors to the Education Reform Now Advocacy ads now airing continuously in Chicago? Their goal is so transparent. They are trying to destroy the Chicago Teacher’s Union. I doubt they care one bit for children, but are more interested in the political ramifications of diminishing the stature and power of the CTU. Teachers do care for the welfare of all children. It is what they have dedicated their lives to. That doesn’t mean they have signed on for a “vow of poverty”. I truly believe the difficult negotiations occuring now were planned long ago by these “Reform Advocates” with the ultimate goal of weakening the strength and resolve of the teachers of Chicago.

  14. kathy says:

    I am confused where is the information of their finances for this year? The commercials they are running against the Chicago strike cost alot . Don’t nonprofits have to tell where their money comes for. I am very curious who is bank rolling them. Seems like they have an agenda which is not helping the students or the teachers in chicago

  15. kathy says:

    I am confused where is the information of their finances for this year? The commercials they are running against the Chicago strike cost alot . Don’t nonprofits have to tell where their money comes from. I am very curious who is bank rolling them. Seems like they have an agenda which is not helping the students or the teachers in chicago

  16. Hal says:

    If your objective is to reduce the share of our educational dollars going to the public sector ,then I am all for it If charter schools are the answer,then I support them. I tire of hearing from unionized teachers about how “dedicated” they are —and then walking out on the students to whom they are so ,supposedly, dedicated. I tire of seeing picketers with signage seeking a “fair” contract when I read that these picketers earn on the average over 70,000 dollars per year. Plus benefits. Oh, and their work year is 40 weeks long. Oh,also,they DO have jobs–something that one in eleven Americans does,unfortunately,not have.
    How many unemployed American teachers would give their eyetooth to work under the implied “unfair” contract that current Chicago teachers labor under?

  17. Strong Union Supporter says:

    Absolute scumbags you are!

  18. Mickey Klement says:

    Their TV ads are totally misleading. No one is saying NO to the longer school day, just that it needs to be structured, not just longer. As for the evaluation issue, how is it fair to evaluate someone based on situations they have no control of? How uninformed !!

  19. John Liss says:

    I saw one of these ads today. I then went digging into where there money comes from. Surprise surprise, I can’t find that info. The thing about free public speech is… You have to put your name next to it. This is just a massive misleading propaganda campaign by anonymous people who want to speak but do not want the repercussions of that speech.

    I did send them an email though, I told them the best thing they could do to resolve the situation would be to collectively jump off a cliff.

    My mother was a cps teacher for more than 20 years. Anyone who wants to tell me that she was in it for the money and not the children should put their name next to their statements so I know who to boycott and tell to eat $hit.

    An educator from a non-union state

  20. Sharon leonard says:

    Who is this education reform group and what are they doing in Chicago? When I went digging for some info on them all I could see was New York, New York!! Why not stay in New York?? Who is bankrolling them? Could they possibly have the word “charter” on their minds? Or maybe they’re hoping to “break” the union!!!

  21. Trudy says:

    The money spent on these TV ads could have been spent on A/C for the schools. Now that would be helpful instead of these wasteful TV ads.

  22. Tom Keating says:

    Propaganda at its most damaging, the use of television to spread false or missleading information, using names that sound like they are ligitimate groups. Shouldn’t television stations be required to tell the public who is really paying for this propaganda? Big Brother has taken over the media. Tom Keating

  23. Fed Up Teacher says:

    Rob you said it right! The parents are to blame more so than anyone or anything else!

  24. John says:

    This group of, well of who???? Who are you? Where do you get your information? Clearly you do not care about the children or their education. If you really searched and became informed, you could not, with a straight face make the statements you are making. Hal above should come and teach for a year. Hal and whoever this group is should come into the schools and teach in a room that is over 100 degrees with 30+ students. I have, and the students have had to sit in that. I have had to stand up to schools that harm students and teachers. I am currently in Federal Court against a charter school who’s leader…not the principal, but the leader and a couple of his strong arms were calling the students the following: Nigg_ _, faggot, tar baby, fu_ _ ers, black boy, etc. There was also grade changing, physical assault of both teacher and students. I had a principal that had changed grades, told the staff “I play favorites,” changed attendance, harassed teahers, opened numerous letters from the States Attorney, that were not addressed to this person, locked teachers out of the grade book and numerous other things that are wrong and I believe illegal. The OIG called a number of teachers in and yet nothing has been done. So what does a teacher that has integrity do…. and is there for the students, staff and communtiy? You get an attorney and pay the money to make things better for our children. These types of leaders are a huge problem. Why were 12 or so principals fired a couple of weeks ago? Because they were changing forms and got caught fudging with federal dollars. There are some great principals and they are made to look bad by horrible principals that have no integrity. There are great teachers and there are bad teachers. All in all there are more great than bad as is in any business, orgainzation, etc. in the world. Quit slamming the teachers that are there everyday, spending thousands of their own dollars for their students, investing their lives, souls, entire beings to create wonderful citizens. Quit demeaning our children and their families by your ads that actually say….you are not worth the fight and what you are getting forced upon you is “fair.” Until you can be transparent, list your names, your assests, what you have actually done to enhance all aspects of education, how you are making the students feel good about what THEY DO NOT HAVE….you should STOP. I also just taught in a turnaround school with nice people. I was called the night before it opened then arrived the next day and was put in a room for three weeks that had zero, none, nada supplies in it. Not a book, a piece of paper, a marker…did I mention this was music? Oh yes, no sound system, no piano, no music books, no instruments, no class schedule, no air conditioning, and on and on…and I was a substitute and being asked to become the music teacher. I decided though to return to a wonderful school, with wonderful administration, students, teachers and staff. I have nothing agaist this school and it looked very nice after millions of CPS dollars have been put into it to make it look good and it does. BUT…there is nothing to teach with, even the new art room after millions in renovations does not even have a sink in it, there are no elevators for diabled students and staff. They are doing their best and I applaud them for the effort, but why was this turnaround school not fully equipped before it open in mid August? The Mayor was there the first day, did he not go around and see the issues remaining? In order to give a world class education we must have a world class contract that will enhance our wonderful students to become lifelong learners and amazing leaders. By the way Hal…I have made about approximately, $18,000.00 this year and have taught everyday with only a couple of days out. That is $52,000.00 short of your amount.

    If you have so much time and money on your hands then get your butts in the schools. Donate the money to schools so that they can be brought up to date, cleaned, welcoming, modern, ready for this century and not 100 years ago, that help develop and bring out the hope, shine, creativity, wonderful intelligent students that we have and are FIGHTING FOR, NOT AGAINST.

  25. Bob Kelly says:

    I seems sad that you only support what Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants. Teachers are an important part of the process that are always blamed for the troubles in Chicago’s Schools. The Mayor is never blamed, the Governor or State Legislators are never Blamed for not providing adequate funding of schools here. The US government is never blamed.

    Teachers deserve to be respected. 300 Social Workers for a school system of 400,000 students
    do not give poor and minority students an adequate chance. Evaluations based on 60% test scores is not appropriate. Do you really care about students? I do not think you do.

  26. In these past five days, 26,000 CTU teachers taught outside of their classrooms on the streets of the city. They educated not only their own 350,000 students, but also millions of American citizens as well as the media. The lessons were about how democracy is practiced, how collective bargaining works toward employment and social justice, and why civic vigilance is desperately needed if American public education is to survive. Who are these un-elected people and organizations making decisions about our public schools? What are their real motives? Why is a mayor the head of education? Only a fool would “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” And our students ain’t nobody’s fool.

  27. rwg says:

    If the strike was all about the students, I think this would have ended quickly. Teachers are over-compensated already. They work far less than anyone in the private sector and get benefits far greater than anyone in the private sector. There are many behind the teachers, but few talk about the added costs the teachers want for their contract. The things that are holding up resolution of the strike by the teachers has nothing to do with the children. I wish I didn’t have to work more than 40 hours per week. I wish I had more than 2 weeks vacation. I wish I had a pension plan. I wish I had affordable health insurance. I wish I wasn’t subject to evaluation, and I wish I didn’t have to worry about getting laid-off. The teachers are asking for far more than they deserve.

  28. cmz says:

    RWG – I wish you spent a week in a classroom so you could actually talk with certainty about how hard a teacher works not just with what you want to believe about teacher lives. Your statements would be like saying that mothers just sit around all day and watch TV and eat chocolates – let’s see you trying to sell that to your mother.

  29. bblue2 says:

    I agree with John. The money used for that commercial should have been used to start a fund to repair the local schools. We need to start rebuilding our infrastructure!!! Everything needs updating and since Congress does not want to help pass legislation to create jobs, maybe we as Citizens should start doing it ourselves! Pool and use money to spread POSITIVE ACTION rather than negative reaction! We need to step up and shame the Congress since they can think of only themselves and their campaign of hate, not the middle class and family values and kids and all the things they claim to uphold!

  30. Brian Boerner says:

    “Illinois Democrats are very pro-charter schools.”
    And Illinois Republicans are very pro-private schools (and don’t want to pay taxes for public schools since they don’t send their kids to them).
    What’s your point?

  31. Brian Boerner says:

    rwg (whoever that is) sez…
    “If the strike was all about the students, I think this would have ended quickly. Teachers are over-compensated already. They work far less than anyone in the private sector and get benefits far greater than anyone in the private sector. ”

    You think their day ends at 3 or 4pm?
    Teachers work 60+ hour weeks when school is in session
    You read that right: 60 plus hours per week.
    Besides classroom hours, they work at home grading tests and papers as well as prepping lessons.
    In addition, they pay out of pocket (without recompense) for classroom supplies the school system doesn’t provide.
    Let’s see you do that, kid.

  32. DJB says:

    Ladies and Gentleman … I present you a list of the board of directors, one of the major funding/supporters of the “Education Now Reform Advocacy” responsible for the grossly incorrect and one-sided ads you’ve been seeing on TV:

    – Kevin P. Chavous (chair) – Former Washington, DC, City Council member and chair of the Education Committee; Board Chair of Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO).
    – Boykin Curry – Eagle Capital; Co-Founder of Public Prep.
    – Tony Davis – Co-founder and President of Anchorage Capital Group, LLC; Board Trusteer for Achievement First Brooklyn charter schools.
    – Charles Ledley – Highfields Capital Management; Board Member of the Tobin Project.
    – Sara Mead – Bellwether Education Partners, Associate Partner; Former Director of Early Education Initiative at the New America Foundation.
    – John Petry – Columbus Hill Capital Management; Co-founder of Harlem Success Academy Charter School in NYC.
    – Whitney Tilson – Managing Partner, T2 Partners LLC and Tilson Mutual Funds; Board member of KIPP-NYC, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and Council of Urban Professionals; Co-Founder of the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City and Rewarding Achievement (REACH).

    Notice that every single individual is involved with a specific Charter School organization. These people may want better education for our children, but they do not disclose that their perceived route is through charter schools that will benefit them financially. While I believe unconditionally in our 1st amendment rights, organizations such as this should also be forced to disclose clearly their funding informatoin so we can understand their true motives. The same should hold true for all “non-profits” that fund political ads. Please contact these individuals and their organizations accordingly and let them know your thoughts.

  33. meidego says:

    Sadly, this group is in overkill mode with their misleading ads on Chicago area television stations. Too bad they waste money that way instead of putting it to good use IN THE SCHOOLS, rather than trashing the teachers who give so much of themselves. I went through the Chicago public school system, and now work in a suburban school. Teachers work incredibly hard, with little support from the community, and sometimes even less from their administrators. The students come from homes where parents refuse to be parents. Unless we start valuing what teachers do, supporting their efforts, stop pushing TESTING as the ultimate method of evaluating both the students and teachers success, and make parents ultimately responsible for the students behavior, I foresee a real crisis in the education system of this country. We value sports figures, but trash our teachers. Something is very wrong with this picture!

  34. Frustrated with ads says:

    Why doesn’t this group with Romney type $$$$$$ reveal who they are? It’s not even time to vote and yet here comes the flood of money and BS.

  35. David Wagner says:

    I take issue with “concerned” groups which take sides in public/political policy matters and do not disclose their true motives or identities. If Education Reform Now Advocacy is taking an anti-union position in the CTU/CPS, it should state its organizational goals and motives. Increasingly, profit and political agendas are disguised behind 501(c)(4) non profit groups. If you have a stand on a citizenry related matter, tell us who you are and why you take your stand.

  36. Jan says:

    The ads that are blanketing the Chicago area are misinformed and biased. These are the kinds of ads that good teachers use to teach their students critical thinking skills. Who is the target of the ad? What is the purpose of the ad? What are the motives of the people putting out this ad? Is this ad accurate? Let’s look at all the information.
    It amazes me that these people are spending money on these ads. Couldn’t they use this money constructively? Let’s work on improving education in a real way. These teachers are striking because they see what is happening everyday with our children. Who is making the decisions that are causing the difficulties in the school. Sure, just as in any workforce, there are people who are not effective. As an example, let’s look at the mayor of Chicago. He has used his biases and lack of understanding to attempt to force an agenda that has clearly caused well meaning teachers to rise up and fight back for education. What better example can the students have of standing up for what is right? We don’t have time to mess around with education. We should be supporting and building up education in every sector, especially the traditional public sector. We don’t break down one person or group to build up our own. That is selfish!

  37. CJ says:

    I just called the ‘Education Reform Now ‘group at 1 212-614-3213 and asked if they were aware that another group is posing as them with biased, insulting advertising against teachers in Chicago. Waiting for a response. Everyone should call and maybe they’ll get to the bottom of this. The group mentioned above, receives contributions from a number of prominent congressmen. I can’t believe they would support this type of negative, vile advertising. The cost of a 30 second commercial to produce and air is at least $350,000. It’s really scary to think SOMEONE would go to this expense to tear down public education.

  38. judi tallackson says:

    how dare an outside group post a tv add on what is happening in Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Kerry E. Bacia says:

    Are you in Rahm Emmanuel’s pocket? Your erroneous TV add seems to suggest you are.

  40. dawnmm says:

    I don’t know if you’re the same company that put the anti-CTU ads out in the Chicago media or not, but if you are, please STOP RUNNING THEM! It’s bad enough you ran them in the first place but to then continue to run them AFTER THE STRIKE IS OVER only adds insult to injury. We get it. You have money coming out of your ass and you need a pot to piss it away in. Apparently you haven’t heard that most of the time students don’t even have the books they need when school starts. A pity to think how many books (and air conditioners) you could have bought with these ridiculous ads that are so skewed and full of misinformation, it’s not even remotely funny. You should be ashamed. Education reform my ass.

  41. doreen says:

    i believe that this organization is absolutely in Rahm pocket . I just seen an ad with Rahm talking about the strike is over and the kids can get back to learning and some of his usual rhetoric. The footnote at the bottom stated the ad was paid for by ‘education reform now advocacy’. the same group running all the negative ads about our Educators. Does this seem strange ???

  42. Another Citizen says:

    Look out progressive Chicagoans…this rightwing group is running advertisements on WGN-TV featuring Democratic mayor Rahm Emanuel stating all that he won in the new contract agreement. Much of what he is saying that he won are things that the union readily agreed to. What he did not mention was the lack of validity of Value Added Measures to measure teacher effectiveness, lack of text books on the first day of instruction, and the environmental conditions that children must learn in. That doesn’t even begin to cover the escalation of violence in economically challenged neighborhoods that Rahm’s solution oriented policies have not even started to stanch. In fact, some would argue he has made violence worse in the city with his policies. Next cycle he should run as a Republican so that there is truth in politics.

  43. Eddie Wrightwood says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that our esteemed mayor is in cahoots with a sleazy non-profit like this one. Mr. “You Gotta Pass NAFTA” has never been friendly with organized labor. Just wait until the police and fire contracts are up. Things could get really ugly around here.

  44. V Voom says:

    Blatant propaganda. If this group was sincere in its desire to reform public education, they would be promoting the need for more resources in our inner city schools. So many children do not have parent participation, many don’t have parents that care. Though I would love to force parents to do their job, that’s not a reality. In order to deal with the situation at hand the school system needs to be equipped with workers, psychologists, clinicians. Students with emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges would prosper in smaller classes. Rahm-Bo knows this… that’s why his kids are in the Lab School.

  45. Richard Neff says:

    Just curious how Rahm is connected..??

  46. Kayomarsh Mehta says:

    We are tired of watching the Mayor talking about what we achieved with the Teachers strike. Enough is enough. Please use the money for something more worthwhile than the continuing ads on TV.
    Kayomarsh Mehta

  47. David Wagner says:

    Now we know the reason behind the ad campaign paid for by ERNA during the CTU strike and continuing through today.

    “By Jeff Coen, David Heinzmann and John Chase, Chicago Tribune reporters

    September 24, 2012
    With Chicago students back in the classroom, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is free to push ahead with a key component in his effort to reform the city’s public education system — the aggressive expansion of charter schools

    The biggest push for charter schools locally comes from some of the wealthiest backers of Emanuel, including Bruce Rauner, a venture capitalist who regularly advises the mayor. At a seminar of business and political leaders held the same day teachers voted to return to school, Rauner said the strike would only energize reform efforts that he called a “multiyear revolution.””

    Ad campaigns that hide their real motives behind what appear to be Public Service Announcements should be subject to truth-in-advertising rules. I take no position in charter schools versus public schools, but the public has to demand some transparency from private big-money intrusions into public affairs.

  48. We’re a little late to stop the big-money intrusions into public affairs. Remember, the Supreme Court said it’s just fine – “Big-Money” are people, too! They’re buying the next Presidential election and everything else including what kind of lights bulbs we can use!!

  49. David Wagner says:

    Agreed, Raymond……….just trying to light one candle.

  50. maita houpis says:

    I don’t even care what side you are on. I am sick of your ads and Emanuel should be ashamed of himself for being a part of such a repetitive ad. For my part it is a sure fire way for him to get people to not vote for him.

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