ERN and Waiting for “Superman”: the Done Waiting Coalition

Education Reform Now, the 501c3 branch of DFER, recently announced a new campaign composed of a variety of education reformers reformers, including the Broad FoundationCenter for Education Reform, (Milton and Rose) Friedman Foundation, Charter School Growth Fund, GreatSchoolsEducation Equality Project, and Education Breakthrough Network.  The coalition, Done Waiting, launched yesterday (9/24/2010) to coincide with the opening of Waiting for “Superman.”

EdWeek previously reported that ERN and NAPCS were putting together a campaign called, “We are Superman”:

Some education advocates hope to use the visibility the film brings to education issues to emphasize their own messages.

The Washington-based National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and Education Reform Now, in New York City, are teaming up to build a parallel campaign called “We Are Superman.”

In addition to building a website to house their efforts, the two groups are mobilizing teams of education activists in several cities to arm people with information on how they can improve education in their communities.

Is “Done Waiting” the actual name of the campaign, or is there another campaign waiting to launch?

In case you’re keeping track, the Broad Foundation donated $500,000 to support advocacy related to Waiting for “Superman,” and another $50,000 for advocacy related to Madeline Sackler’s documentary, The Lottery.

2 Responses to “ERN and Waiting for “Superman”: the Done Waiting Coalition”
  1. Thanks for continually shining light on these nefarious characters and their perniciousness. Eli Broad has probably now outdone even the late Generalisimo Pinochet in his ruthless march of school privatization.

  2. John Guzo says:

    not smart to name a site donewaiting when one already exists

    fire the marketing guy

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